MatchTruly Review

MatchTruly is one of the most significant sites. There are a lot of things to say about this dating platform. For example, its merit is thousands of happy couples who have met each other thanks to MatchTruly. The great experience and accessible usage will help you feel yourself at home while getting acquainted with thousands of gorgeous men and women. Read this review of MatchTruly in full to find more specific facts as it is hard to get a great amount of information about this site just in a pair of sentences.

In A Nutshell 

MuchTruly is a great online matrimonial site which has lots of positive characteristics. Though there are also some cons, this site deserves your attention: various special features, a wide range of different profiles and some other things that could interest you. Furthermore, Match Truly keeps up with the times and have all contemporary capabilities. All MatchTruly dating site reviews find much more advantages in it than drawbacks.

Pros And Cons


  • Easy to use 
  • Wide range of profiles
  • Free and simple signing up 
  • Site is legit
  • Technical Support is available around the clock 
  • Contemporary interface


  • Full access to all features is not free of charge
  • Rather typical At A Glance

When you visit Match Truly for the first time, you can easily figure out how to use it even if you are a beginner in computing. However, the site can seem a little bit dull as the first page looks really pale and not so appealing. But it is not the main thing if your goal is to find an ideal couple.

Brief Information 

In short, MatchTruly is definitely a good service. However, there aren’t many special features. Everything there is quite standard. But it doesn’t mean something bad, oppositely, you will have all the essential features for building your perfect relationships and family life. For example, access to a wide range of profiles to choose from or a searching tool for finding a person with certain preferences.

If you haven’t ever tried a matrimonial service, then it is a good opportunity to start. Finding another half never was so easy as now when you have such a great helper. The special matching mechanism and a team of experts do everything for you therefore all you need is just enjoy the process of chatting with cool girls or boys.

How Does MatchTruly Work

The concept of  MatchTruly’s work is rather simple. Everything starts with easy registration and a questionnaire which helps you to create a good profile that contains all the necessary information about you and your interests. After that, you have two options: search a likable person for yourself or rely on special searching tools. When you find a potential couple it is time for messaging and using some special features which the site offers to you. 

These peculiar features are emails that you can send besides messages, video and audio calls and the ability of translation. Another good thing about MatchTruly is the possibility of sanding real presents like flowers or toys to your other half even if she or he is overseas. Isn’t it superbly? 

Sign Up

The process of signing up needs a more specific review as it is an essential part of the acquainting. You start your registration with filling in a small list of quite easy points:

  • Your sex and who you are searching for 
  • Your date of birth (between 18 and 90)
  • Email
  • Password 
  • Name

The next step is waiting for authorization email and adding some more detailed information about yourself, your preferences and interests. It will be in the form of a questionnaire, where you will face the following questions (there are a lot of them): 

And one more step is adding some photos in your profile. Now your registration is finished. 

Search & Profile Quality 

After registration, you start your own way of searching and acquainting. It is quite serious, so be picky and serious about your choice. Special tools will help you in your search as well as the likes of your profile from other people, as MatchTruly’s users can also see your profile. You can easily control your likes and visits. And you will also get notifications about possible matches: 

As you can see, everyone’s age is indicated and that makes the process of searching much easier. Another good thing is that almost all profiles have photos besides useful information. Furthermore, if any profile seems appealing to you and you puzzled when it is better to write, then you can be based on the time when the person online. 

All in all, we can come to the conclusion, that searching, and profile is rather good. 

Help & Support

Another advantage of MatchTruly is working 24/7 Technical Support for customers. If you face any type of problems or difficulties then you can write an email to technical support and fastly get help. A full team of professionals works for your safety and comfortable using the site, therefore, you can stay absolutely calm and relaxed while enjoying the process of communicating with prospective partners. 

Prices & Plans

The payment system on MatchTruly is quite clear. You won’t have an unexplained withdrawal from your account. Everything based on the special site’s currency – credits. Their cost is really affordable and what is more important your credits are needed for almost every feature on the site: messaging, video calls, gifts and so on. The good news is that you can use different ways of paying, all of them are specified on the main page of the site. 


To sum up, is a great matrimonial service. It has all the necessary features and abilities for an affordable price and lets people easily meet their fates not wasting time. This review of MatchTruly gives you an opportunity to make sure of it. 


What is good about using MatchTruly?

MatchTruly is an excellent choice for you. There you can see women or men from almost every part of the world, moreover, you will have the ability to translate your messages on different languages, which ease the process of using. To get more information about all the site’s features, read the MatchTruly’s review. 

Is MatchTruly free? 

Well, if you’re searching for a free of charge matrimonial service then MatchTruly is not exactly what you need. Though there are some free features, to have full access to all benefits of the site it much better to pay as generally this site is considered to be pay-to-use. 

What is the principle of credits’ work? 

Credits are good development of many contemporary dating sites. They were created to make your process of acquiring easier and cheaper. As there is a possibility that you won’t use all the features of the site, it is not reasonable to waste your money on a monthly subscription. Instead, you will buy credits and spend them on everything that you exactly want. 

How to create a profile on MatchTruly? 

There are absolutely no difficulties in creating a profile even if you are an inexperienced computer user. All you need – just having your email and remembering its password. The MatchTruly log is simple too, just don’t forget your nickname and password.

All other steps are designated on the site, so you can simply figure out how to sign up.

How many profiles are there? 

There isn’t exact information about the profiles’ amount, however, it isn’t so necessary to know. There are thousands of them and most members are from Eurasia. Also, the interesting fact is that the majority of users of MatchTruly are women. 

Are all the profiles real? 

There isn’t any chance for fraudsters to create a fake profile on MatchTruly as the administration thoroughly controls all users. Before start using the site, you need to verify your profile and it is not so easy. Every suspicious person is rejected in use.  That is why 100% of users on this online matrimonial service are real. 

Moreover, you can find some reviews to see some real stories of people who have there their love. 

How long does the profile approval take? 

Usually, it is not so long process and your profile approves almost immediately. After it, you can start your communicating with others and searching for real love. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry if you have done some mistakes or haven’t specified something in your questionnaire. You have the ability to do it at any time you want even after registering. If you want to know more details read this review for more information.

How to delete my profile? 

Unfortunately, you haven’t got such an opportunity to delete your profile. However, there is a way to solve this problem. You can delete all your photos and personal information which makes your profile anonymous and inaccessible for other users. 

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